About Us

Euro Electronics UK LTD was established to fulfill the need for high definition hardware platforms in the commercial and professional digital signage market. Euro Electronics UK LTD designs, manufactures and distributes complete high definition hardware solutions which bring formidable levels of quality and flexibility at a competitive price.

As a consequence of our strong research development and manufacturing base, we are able to customise our products to meet the specific requirements of each customer, building a sense of reliability, originality, enterprise and adaptability between Euro Electronics UK LTD and its customers, from the primitive stages of design to the final stages of distribution. This manner of challenge is what our engineers enjoy, thrive on and learn from.

Our products are designed to perform competently and competitively within the demanding and rigorous commercial environment; for 24/7 operations by untrained personnel. We work closely with our clients and business partners in developing modern technologies that can yield the best possible return on investment.

Euro Electronics UK LTD innovative approach to design starts with our research and engineering facility in Stevenage. As a consequence of Euro Electronics UK LTD's close sustained relationship with clients and business partners our engineers can effectively develop solutions that are flexible and efficient to fulfill the ever changing needs of the business climate. New technologies are thoroughly tested to meet our strict quality standards before production runs begin at our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. Each component is carefully selected, assembled and tested before they are packed and shipped to our clients worldwide.

We prioritise the fact that we strongly maintain an efficient and direct approach to our orders, providing a comprehensive hardware solution, means convenience and value to our clients. We are proud to state that we have worked with world renowned and prestigious retailers, including the likes of; John Lewis, Currys Superstores, Currys Digital, Dixons, HSBC (UK, Hong Kong and mainland China), Marks & Spencer and PC World for many years and continue to build partnerships with major players in the international digital signage industry.

Our partners include industry leaders Panasonic Systems UK, Csnm PLC, STINO.Dynamax for content management, scheduling and editing. We utilise Netpractise and TriplePlay services for signage technology. These strategic partnerships help provide complete turnkey solutions to our valued clientel.

Euro Electronics UK LTD also works with the academic community we boast programs such as our joint venture with Cranfield University (UK) in developing a new internet protocol that significantly increases data transmission without an increase in bandwidth. Laboratory tests indicated an increase in the transmission rate with as much as eight folds. Furthermore, field tests are already underway. Our dual effort proved vital for innovative progression and stimulated our keen engineers giving them an opportunity to display their excellent work ethic in an atmosphere that was both vibrant and exciting with enough challenges to test our resourcefulness and planning capabilities. Moreover, the Department for Trade and Industry has generously donated a grant to further develop this new technology in the near future.

To conclude Euro Electronics UK LTD would like to invite you to contribute to the design and development of modern technologies. If you are interested in a strategic alliance please e-mail us for further details. We are open to any collaboration that will enable Euro Electronics UK LTD to develop further ideas that will be rewarding to both us and the digital signage community. For more information about the products and services we offer are available by browsing our website. If you have any questions or require a custom solution just contact us we will be happy to offer our utmost assistance help.

If you are interested in a strategic alliance please e-mail us for details. Want more information about the products and services we offer? Just browse our site. If you have any questions or require a custom solution just contact us we will be happy to help.