Custom Solutions

Because of our strong R&D and manufacturing base, Euro Electronics is able to customise any of our products to meet the specific requirements of its customers. This includes design of casing, number and types of inputs or outputs, types and positions of switches, sizes of nature of displays, numbers of text lines and character sets.

EEL’s engineers work closely with our customers to optimise design and achieve the required specifications and functionality at the lowest cost.

Bespoke manufacturing

If your needs are very specific Euro Electronics can establish a production run to fabricate them for you. In fact, it is our specialty! Turning a laboratory concept into a practical product often requires field trials of a relatively small number of devices whose manufacture can be disruptive to a large organisation.  EEL has established a process of design and implementation which makes this process efficient.

By being in complete control of its own manufacturing in the low cost environment of China, our products are highly competitive in price. If you would like to find out more just contact us.

Systems design

Customers’ buildings often present interesting challenges in how to physically transmit signals around the premises with minimum disruption and cost. The problem in large retail outlets is that goods being displayed (TV sets) are often placed on “gondolas” (sales islands) and it can be difficult to get the signals to the “gondolas”.

Some buildings have mezzanine (computer) flooring which is simple to install whereas many large retail outlets have concrete floors with narrow ducting already filled with power and RF cables. Also it is common for large retail outlets to have very high ceilings limiting the possibility of dropping cables through tubes.

EEL offers a range of products that provide flexibility in planning. Our engineers work closely with client or their appointed installation company in designing the system to achieve functionality at minimal cost and disruption. For example, component video based solutions provide the lowest cost options but requires three video cables and two audio cables which can present a problem in getting to the “gondolas” however HDMI technology requires only a single cable with a small head. By developing various solutions, including hybrid systems, EEL can offer one that is both flexible and fulfils the needs of each clients.