Stereoscopic Video wall

The retail industry is for ever looking for ways to improve efficiency particularly as the sizes of the groups increase.

EEL is partnering software companies in developing retail management, signage and network systems with wired, wireless and hybrid capability.

For content management, scheduling and editing EEL’s partner is Panasonic Systems UK. EEL’s partner for signage technology is Epysis.

We have developed a range of dedicated servers with both HDMI and VGA outputs with high definition, standard definition video and text transmission capability.

Key to the retail management and signage our HDPC processor.

HD Advertising in Large Indoor Spaces

Large indoor areas such as shopping malls, airport lounges, departmental stores and exhibition halls, where numbers of people are continually and slowly flowing through, represent ideal circumstances for advertising.

EEL provides high definition systems for large indoor areas for advertising luxury goods such as fashion, travel and jewellery.

Content is wirelessly transmitted to the display unit on a “store-and-forward basis” solving the difficulty of overcoming the huge bandwidth requirement of HDTV.

A server streams content to a  router which wirelessly downloads various contents to HDS-3000 content source generators. Each HDS-3000 stores the down-loaded content and, when assembled, outputs to distribution amplifiers which, in turn, outputs to groups of HDTV units.

Each part of the system is monitored by the server and warns of any problems.

Examples of Distribution configurations (1)

Examples of Distribution configurations (2)