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Management: Where do you store all this content and how do you deliver it for most impact? Euro Electronics UK LTD provides management solutions which can provide live RSS feeds; scheduled content delivery and secured IP based storage and transfers.

Sourcing: How do you get content and what exactly is it? The content contains information, entertainment and aesthetic value. For effective digital signage it is imperative that they be relevant to the target audience. For instance, when displaying surround sound packages, new DVD releases and service plan offerings in a home theatre sales floor or current properties for sale. Housing market trends and ads for furnishings or other home related ads for an estate agents office are also applicable.

Storage: If you need a single source for content storage and delivery, EEL can offer secure IP storage solutions that make it easy to access anywhere in the world with internet access. Secure online servers are the future of digital signage where content delivery meets strict schedules whist being within easy access.

Delivery: With a secured IP server delivery is a few simple clicks of a button. Content, format and schedules may be set locally or remotely through the internet. While secure online servers are a popular choice, Euro Electronics UK LTD also offers more traditional delivery by DVD or hard media such as USB or SD cards.