LED Video Wall Processor -- LVP-3000

LVP-3000 is brightness/color correction system for the LED display, which is professionally developed to solve the problem of brightness/color non-uniformity of LED display.
LVP-3000 forms an excellent brightness/color correction solution for LED displays which can greatly improve the LED display image quality.

LVP-3000 Features

  • 16 bits correction processing. Even the very low gray levels can be well corrected.
  • Brightness variation less than ±1% and color variation less than 0.003 after correction.
  • Capable of eliminating color diversity of LED lights from different manufacturing batches.
  • Cabinet correction on production lines supported.
  • Failed LED display correction supported.
  • Correction for virtual pixel displays, arc shape display, irregular-shape displays and curtain display supported.
  • Brightness loss less than 8% for color calibration.